Anterior Cervical Discectomy


The benefits of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Alleviation of numbness and weakness in the hands and arms
  • Improved range of motion

How it Works

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion follows this outline:

  • Small incision made at the front of the neck
  • Targeted disc(s) removed
  • Pressure removed from the spinal nerves or spinal cord by eliminating the source of the compression
  • Bone graft placed between the adjacent vertebrae

Why Choose The Spine Center?

Doctor Saqib Siddiqui attracts patients from across the country due to his expertise in minimally invasive, cutting-edge spine surgery solutions. Procedures that used to be very complicated and invasive are now much less stressful and offer faster recovery times. Many of our patients recover very quickly and have low levels of post-op pain.

At The Spine Center, we believe a well-informed patient is the best patient. That’s why Doctor Saqib Siddiqui takes the time to explain all of your treatment options, the benefits and risks of the procedure, and to answer all your questions as well.

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